Call Me Mildy excited to play first AFU

Fronted by singer/songwriter Greg Mildenberger, Call Me Mildy is a tough act to pin down. "I don't like to be pigeon-holed but I tell people we're a mix of blues, rock, reggae. Kind of bluesy like Big Sugar and Colin James, I'm more Black Keys than BB King."  Beginning as a trio in 2013, the band has since expanded to a four-piece, and released their debut album 'It's About Time' in 2016. Making their music available in the digital marketplace has allowed the band to see just how far their music is spreading, even though they don't gig much outside of Saskatchewan. "I could see that people were checking us out from Australia, New Zealand, the U.S, and some South American countries", Mildenberger says. "I've even sold a few songs in India. I like to joke with my audience that I've only got a billion more (sales) to go!"  

Mildenberger says he's looking forward to his first All Folked Up slot, and promises a high-engery set with something for everyone. "Festival gigs are my favourite kind of gigs", he says. "The audience is really engaged, they're there for the music. Playing your own songs and seeing people react to them is the highest high for me."


by Ryan Ellis

Ryan Ellis