Call Me Mildy Offers Diverse Sound

Call Me Mildy is a relatively new band but they are already garnering attention. The group is excited to perform at the Shake off the Winter Blues on Friday February 26.

Lead singer Greg Mildenberger is from Regina. He has been playing in bands around the province for nearly a decade, mostly in cover bands. Call Me Mildy was formed in 2013. "I used to be in cover bands but I wanted to create a band around my own original songs. We started as a trio the first year and a half or so, and then i decided to make it into a four piece and have a dedicated bass player" said Mildenberger. "That allowed me to expand the sound and play harmonica. That was a big deal for me because that is one of the main instruments that I play, and that allowed me to focus on that and weave it into our songs."

Call Me Mildy is not a typical blues band, incorporating elements of rockabilly, reggae, and southern rock into their sound. Mildenberger says he likes exploring other genres and ensuring each set list has variety.

"Some of my die-hard blues buddies don't call me blues, they say I am 'bluesy.' I would describe myself as blues in the same sense as Colin James, Ben Harper, George Thoroughgood or the Black Keys. Those are my influences. I am not B.B. King and I am not Buddy Guy and we are not playing guitar licks for 45 minutes," said Mildenberger.  "I have been one of the organizers of the blues festival in Regina for about 10 years and so I have had the opportunity to see a lot of Grammy and Juno winners.. I have always found that the ones who appeal to me are the ones with a lot of variety in the structure of their songs and who aren't afraid to venture off." 

Mildenberger enjoys playing the harmonica, describing it as his 'comfort instrument." He also plays the slide guitar. He says he is fortunate to play with such talented and experienced musicians. The makeup of the band is unique, as guitarist Dale Thomas uses an eight-string guitar, bassist Phil Nordin plays a six-string bass, and Gary Graham plays electonic drums. Mildenberger says that is simply the result of personal preference, but adds that it does give the band a modern sound. Every member of the band contributes to Call Me Mildy's sound.

"When I recruited the guys for Call Me Mildy, I made them a couple promises. One of those promises is that when I write songs, they get to add their own parts to it. That way, it's not like they're just playing someone else's bass line, or whatever. Along with that, I wanted them to be as creative as they can be...there is a lot more satisfaction for me... and I think it is also true for the guys, to play original songs because it is something that we created and that we built."

Call Me Mildy is currently putting the finishing touches on their first album. In the meantime, you can visit for more information. You can also find their song 'Highway 59' on Youtube.

Scott Hellings

Scott Hellings
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